Real Estate Agent Endorsements

As an appraiser, I come in contact with Real Estate Agents on a daily basis. The number one way that I’m in contact with agents is thru verification of data. Real estate agents are appraisers' links to the thoughts of the buyers and sellers. Without understanding what triggers the decisions of buyers and sellers and verifying specifics of a deal that do not get recorded into public record, we cannot reliably apply comparable sales to our subject properties.

In the process of contacting agents, some come across as more knowledgeable and willing to help appraisers. From this, I can speculate that these agents are more likely to be helpful to their clients. As a way to give back, I am providing links to some of these agents on my website:

Agent Name


John McClung

This is my personal agent for life and he is local to Clackamas County. His never ending enthusiasm for real estate inspired me to look for a similar career. I don’t know anyone who will work harder for you.




Many agents have been helpful to me over the years and now I have a way to thank them. I will be adding more names soon.


“I wish all of our appraisers were just like you!!”  Kim G.

“We appreciate your constant communication and quality work.”  Kyle L.