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Last week we posted our “Portland Appraiser Shop” video, a parody of the Macklemore “Thrift Shop” video. The response has been flattering and we appreciate all of the likes, comments, and shares that we have received (including a mention in the Appraisal Today Blog). We had a great time making this video, but we were not sure if appraisers would understand the Macklemore connection and we were also unsure if others would understand the Portland appraiser jokes. Here is some background.

I have two boys who are four and six. They enjoyed the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song, “Thrift Shop” (the clean version), when we would go to watch their grandpa coach high school basketball games. You know the song, “I wear your granddad’s clothes, I look incredible….” “Thrift Shop” has a good beat and, despite the language of the explicit version, Macklemore’s song has a positive message of making your own style. After hearing “Thrift Shop” many times, I began to think that it would be fun if we produced a parody from the standpoint of a Portland, Oregon appraiser.

One day, with parody in mind, I Googled the original Macklemore “Thrift Shop” lyrics and started to develop our own lyrics that make fun of the funny things appraisers do and see. The “Portland Appraiser Shop” lyrics are based around appraising your granddad’s home from the neighborhood down the road. Once we had lyrics, we started watching the original Macklemore video and thinking of ways that we could adapt the Macklemore style to give it that special Portland appraiser flair.

Some screen shots follow from our “Portland Appraiser Shop” video with insets from the original Macklemore and Ryan Lewis “Thrift Shop” video for comparison:

Portland Appraiser Thrift Shop


In this scene, we did our best to reproduce all of the crazy rolling things in Macklemore’s video. Appraisers often work from home and have flexible hours. Therefore, appraisers tend to have responsibilities beyond appraisals and that often includes taking care of kids. It is appropriate that our Portland Appraiser has kids hanging around.

Macklemore Thrift Shop Parody - John Wayne


In this scene, instead of drinking a frozen beverage, our Portland Appraiser friends are eating Voodoo Doughnuts, a Portland, Oregon landmark.

Portland Appraiser Macklemore and Justin Bieber


In this scene, we selected John Wayne and Justin Bieber for extras just to be crazy and not because they have anything to do with appraisers, Portland, or Macklemore.

Portland Appraiser Macklemore - Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince George


In this scene, we selected Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince George because they just look like typical “homeowners” and we thought they would get a laugh next to our Portland Appraiser.

Macklemore Thrift Shop Appraiser


In this scene, Macklemore jumps over furniture at the thrift shop, but there was no question that our Portland Appraiser needed to be jumping dog poop.

Thrift Shop Parody Macklemore


In this scene, we are pointing out a Portland, Oregon stucco dome home rather than Macklemore’s Velcro Pro Wings.

Macklemore Thrift Shop - Portland Appraiser


In this scene, our Portland appraiser is using a HP12C, the calculator of choice for appraisers rather than a vintage thrift shop calculator.

Macklemore Thrift Shop - Portland Appraiser


In this scene, we included Dru Vocals, the guy that we hired to sing our “Portland Appraiser Shop” song. He does a great job of imitating Wanz in the original Macklemore “Thrift Shop.”

Portland Appraiser - Thrift Shop Parody


In this scene, our Portland Appraiser goes wakeboarding, instead of knee boarding as Macklemore does in his “Thrift Shop” video.

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