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Many who know me or have read my blog in the past know that I am a fan of using desktop replacement tablet computers.  Such tablets are powerful enough to replace a desktop computer but also portable enough to be used in the field.  I just purchased a new Motion R12 tablet after using a bulky Motion J3500 for five years while trying to decide if I should wait for the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.  Here are videos describing the Motion R12 Windows tablet.

The reasons why I decided to spend almost exactly twice the money for a Motion R12, rather than buy a Surface Pro, are listed below.

  1. The Surface Pro 4 is not yet available, but my old workhorse J3500 tablet needed replacement now.

  2. The Surface Pro 3 docking station does not work with any rugged field case.  This means that if you use a field case, you cannot use the convenient docking station without first removing the case (there goes the convenience).  The Motion R12 has a built-in case.

  3. The Surface Pro does not have a docking station designed for a vehicle.  It is awkward to hook up wires for charging or holding your computer when working on it in the car between jobs.  Aftermarket mounting systems for the Surface Pro are not as sleek as the Motion docks.  With one click, a Motion docking station turns any car into a mobile office.  Real work can be done anywhere you decide to pull off the road, grab your wireless keyboard, and take care of business with a full Windows desktop experience.

  4. The Motion R12 can get wet and it often rains In Portland, Oregon.  I am much more comfortable standing in the rain with a computer that I know is designed for this type of use.

  5. The Motion R12 features a monitor designed to be more easily viewed in bright sunlight; something we do not get as often in Portland, Oregon, but can still be troublesome.

  6. The Motion R12 has a tether and slot (“barn”) to store the digitizer pen when not in use.  This is a small issue, but very handy.  The Surface Pro has only a magnet to hold the pen and few good options when cases are installed.

  7. The Motion R12 features a larger battery that can be swapped in the field or replaced when the battery starts to lose its resiliency.  Computer batteries typically become weak after about two years and I plan to keep my computer longer than the life of the original battery.  Also, even with long battery life, it gives piece of mind to have a backup battery in case your charger gets inadvertently unplugged or other surprises occur.

Did I leave anything out or do you want to join in the conversation?  Let me know in the comments below.

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