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A Quality Appraisal, LLC is a small local company that does more appraisals in Portland than in any other service area. The neighborhoods that our appraisers historically spend the most time in are Powellhurst-Glibert, Brentwood-Darlington, Centennial, Foster-Powell, Hazelwood, Lents, Montavilla, and Parkrose Heights. This is because our east side address attracts the most business in these areas. However, we have staff equally divided on the east and west sides of Portland, we maintain a neighborhood database with every Portland neighborhood and its most important value related characteristics, and we have experience appraising homes in all Portland neighborhoods. Most of all, we work harder than any other appraisers in Portland to ensure accuracy and credibility. 

We’re Portland’s Best Appraisers. Let us prove it or see our testimonials.  Please trust us to value your Portland home.  To learn more about A Quality Appraisal and our services, start by visiting our Home page.

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Portland Appraiser Resources

One of the best resources for appraisers in Portland is Portland Maps. Portland Maps is one website that merges a great deal of government information about homes in Portland and Multnomah County. At Portland Maps, appraisers or homeowners can access tax records with specifics about particular Portland homes, building permit information, zoning, census data, and other information.

Portland Home Appraisal Photos

One fun part of being a Portland, OR real estate appraiser is that we get to spend time driving around viewing Portland. The following are some photos that we’ve recently taken of Portland, while doing home appraisals. Not all the photos are related to home appraisal; but, we love Portland. Here are some of our favorite Portland home appraisal photos:

Portland Appraiser - Portland Oregon Old Town

This is the iconic Portland sign that our appraiser photographed while doing a downtown Portland condominium appraisal.

Portland Home Appraiser View of St. Helens

This is a view photograph that our appraiser took while doing a home appraisal on Council Crest. In the photograph, you can see Mt. St. Helens in Washington and the Freemont Bridge in Portland.

 SE Portland Home Appraisal View

Our appraiser took this photograph while doing a home appraisal on Rocky Butte. Who wouldn’t want that view from their Portland Home?

Portland Home Appraisal View

One of our appraisers took this photograph while doing a condominium appraisal in east Portland. Most Portland condominiums are on the west side of the Willamette River.

Portland Appraiser View - Burnside Bridge

This is a photo of the Portland Burnside Bridge that Gary Kristensen took while with his family walking Waterfront Park. Our appraisers enjoy Portland; even when they are not doing appraisals.

Portland Appraiser - Airport Mt. Hood View

Our appraiser took this photograph of Mt. Hood at the Portland Airport.

Portland Appraisal - Mt. Hood

One of our home appraisers was doing a home appraisal on the east side of Portland’s Rocky Butte and this is the Mt. Hood view that the house has.

Mt. St. Helens View from Portland, OR Appraiser

Our home appraiser also took this photo of Mt. St. Helens while appraising the same Portland home as above. Those are some lucky Portland home owners.

Portland Home Appraiser

An appraiser took this photo while appraising Portland home on the north side of Mt. Scott.

Portland Homes - Portland Appraiser

The same appraiser took this photo as the Portland home above while on an appraisal assignment. This is a street scene and view on the north side of Mt. Scott. Some of these homes have Happy Valley and some have Portland addresses. Mt. Scott is not completely in Multnomah County.

 Portland Home Appraiser - MAX

The MAX train is a common sight for Portland homeowners and Appraisers.

Portland Appraiser - Air Force One at Portland

One of our home appraisers was on an appraisal assignment in Portland and had to run up Marine Drive. The appraiser happened to catch this rare photo of Air Force One taking off from Portland.


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