Have a Portland Appraiser for a Guest Speaker

Gary F. Kristensen is President of A Quality Appraisal, LLC and Portland, Oregon Certified Residential Appraiser. Gary is an interesting speaker who can give your group the local appraiser perspective on real estate topics. Gary understands that time is precious to your group and will not waste it with another drawn out speech by a boring professional. Gary will engage audience participation, provide useful tips, and leave them wanting more.

In my typical real estate agent office presentation, the focus is on sharing my experiences that help make agents work better with appraisers and ultimately close sales more quickly with fewer problems that arise out of the appraisal process. This includes value disputes and repairs. To do this, I shed light on what appraisers do and how they think while exposing some common misconceptions. I also provide attendees with some checklists that they can use to help in their closings where appraisals are involved.

Guest speaking is tailored to the needs of your organization and can include one or all of the following in the presentation:

1. How to work with appraisers more effectively.

a. Understand the mind of appraiser.

b. How to prepare for a home appraisal.

c. Things you can and cannot say to an appraiser.

d. How to help the appraisal process.

e. How to recognize and challenge a poor appraisal. 

f.  All appraisers are not the same.

2. What is an appraisal and what do appraisers do?

3. Technology for real estate professionals.

4. How do appraisers make adjustments?

5. Greater Portland area real estate market trends.

6. How to select the best comparable sales.

7. How I market my business online.

8. Do you have a real estate topic in mind for Gary to speak about?
9. Valuation of Energy Efficient and Green Homes
10. Gary is a City of Portland Home Energy Score Trainer and can speak from the unique prospective of being both a Certified Home Energy Assessor and an expert on appraising energy efficient homes.

If you’re interested in having Gary speak at your event, contact us, we are excited to meet your group!

Portland Appraiser Speaking Testimonials

"Gary came into our office and did an excellent presentation.  I would highly recommend you connect with him to provide brokerage CE classes.  Everyone in my office felt the class he put on for us was full of valuable information!"  Sondra Mcfeters



"Thanks for coming out. Would love to have you come back and do your "how to fight an appraisal" class."  Jesse Rivera

"Thank you again for taking the time to visit our office and giving us a super presentation.  You arrived early, well organized, and were very helpful in answering our questions for an hour-and-a half!  It's much appreciated."  Darin Provost

"Good info, Gary - Nice to hear about some of the things that happen behind the scenes on your end.  The checklists are really helpful as well.  I plan on putting it all to good use!  We love a knowledge based arsenal for troubleshooting!  Thanks for your time-"  Jamie Helton


“Thank you for the excellent presentation given to our NAIFA Chapter last Thursday. You are definitely a credit to our Profession. Your knowledge of current technology is on the cutting edge and willingness to share with others is commendable.” Jon Deskin

"Nice job.  I went to this presentation and it was one of the most professional and informative I've been to."  Jim Anderson

"Great talk appreciated your insights." David C.

"Really enjoyed your seminar last week."  Beth Aquilizan

Here is Gary Kristensen as a guest on 93.9 KPDQ Real Estate Today:

Then Gary was asked back on the show:

Here is an example presentation that Gary gave to appraisers in Portland in July of 2014:

Portland Appraiser Speaking Photos

These are a couple of extra pictures of Gary giving speaking about appraisal in Portland, OR.
Portland Appraiser Speaking at Caliber Real Estate
Portland Appraiser Speaking at Earth Advantage

Appraiser Speaking at Portland Digs Real Estate

Appraiser Speaking at Portland John L Scott

Portland Appraiser Guest Speaker - Gary F. Kristensen

Gary can give appraisal presentations with a whiteboard; but, he prefers PowerPoint.

Portland Appraiser Speaking - Gary F. Kristensen


“It is one of the best reports I have reviewed.”  Paula R.

“…what a pleasure it is to review your appraisal reports.”  Laurie E.