Portland Area Appraisal Fees and Turn Times


Typical Portland Area Appraisal Prices

Appraisals start as low as $395 for Minimum Scope Appraisals.

Most appraisals are $675 or less, even outside the primary service area, and can be completed in two days from the inspection.

See our Fee Quote page for a quick and easy appraisal quote.

Request Portland Appraisal Fee Quote

Emails are usually answered within minutes if we’re in the office and take no more than 24 hours when we’re out on inspections.

Why don’t we show a table of Portland Area Appraisal prices?

Many of our competitors list appraisal services based on distance from the home office “area” or “zone,” acreage, and “estimated value” or “owner’s estimate.” We choose not to do this because the practice only creates frustration for both parties when fees must later be revised. This is because an appraisal complexity is not dependent only on simple factors. USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) states that an appraisal must not be based on a predetermined value to avoid bias or conflicts of interest. We believe that an “estimated value” is a predetermined value, even if the appraiser does not change the fee if the market value strays far from the estimate. Furthermore, a high value property might be a simple appraisal. Our fees are based on the property complexity and the depth of research (scope of work) necessary for the assignment.  An appraisal for estate settlement or mortgage lending could have a different scope of work than an appraisal a prospective sale.  Our fee structure is competitive for all property types and the process of requesting a quote may determine that a less costly product will suite your needs.


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